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Everything I do is to make people smile and feel good, whether its my art, clothing or words I just want to make people smile and feel good.  I am happy to introduce the next extension of making people smile and feel good, Cloakroom Wellness.


Cloakroom Wellness is an organization that seeks to help nurture, encourage and balance the lives of others by bringing us together in a beautiful space. It is our intention with this project to build communities, share in our passions, and raise the collective vibration of our amazing city.  Cloakroom is a 3000 square foot blank canvas to let your creative juices fly.  The space also features 11foot windows providing plenty of natural sunlight, historical brick walls and gleaming hardwood floors create the perfect ambiance for your next creative project.  If you need our help in the execution of your private function then we can be your shoulder to lean on.  We want to help you smile and feel good.

For inquires please contact my Cloakroom Wellness general manager Joshua Blake.  


Who is Joshua Blake you might ask?  Joshua is son to Sherry Sobey, the owner and operator of our neighbor Generation Green.  His finance and project management background mixed with his eagerness to help others is what drove me to select him as the Cloakroom Wellness Manager.

Joshua is very excited about his position and is looking forward to helping individuals, organizations and corporations execute private gatherings that make people smile and feel good.


Please feel free to contact Joshua at cloakroomwellness@gmail.com